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Legends of the Fall: 2021 Fall Fashion Trends

Legends of the Fall: 2021 Fall Fashion Trends

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Ever since I was a little girl, fall has been my favorite season for fashion! That may be in part to the big back-to-school shopping trips my mom would take me on. 

We filed through racks of clothes at local thrift shops, Target, and the infamous tween girl store, Justice, searching for the most trendy and cute pieces.

I’m talking about this today because fall is right around the corner. And as the season changes, so do the fashion trends. It’s time to switch out your sizzling hot summer clothes for some cozy autumn apparel.

To help prep your closet for the coming season, I’m going to share with you some of the best fall fashion trends forecasted for 2021. Whether you want to look like you came straight off of the runway or need a casual weekend look, there’s something for everyone here this season.

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A Classic With a Twist

Sweater dresses are a staple for every woman’s fall and winter closet. But this season, we’re seeing a twist on the classic piece. Instead of short lengths and chunky knits, we are going for a slim and sleek design with a more midi to maxi length.

Several designers made a bold statement with sweater maxi dresses and skirts walking down the runway for the Fall ’21 runway season.

I can’t wait to try this trend myself and pair the ensemble with a classic combat or Chelsea boot. This trend also pairs wonderfully with the next item on our list.


Folk Inspired

Folk music is an autumn staple, but now the folk trend is emerging again in the fashion world. Clogs are forecasted to be the shoe of the season.

The classic chunky wood heels were once a seventies girl’s staple and were loved through the 90s before fizzling out. Fashion mavens have finally started to bring them back, and I am here for it!

Clogs go with absolutely anything you want them to. They are a chic addition to a casual t-shirt and jeans – while also looking fantastic with a long flowing floral dress.

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Make it Blue! Or Pink! Or Green!

When the cold season rolls around, every girl breaks out their trusty black leather moto-jacket, but this season we’re switching it up a little.

Colored leather is in – and that isn’t just for the typical jackets. The trend is for shirts and skirts too! I have seen everything from pastel blues to burgundy red show up in my search for the gorgeous closet essential.

The great news is whether you prefer a more subdued look or want an outfit to show that you’re loud and proud, there’s a colored leather piece that will work for you!

fall fashion

A Childhood Staple

Did your parents ever dress you up like an abominable snowman on chilly snow days? I know mine sure did. So much so that my teacher brought me to the front of the class to demonstrate how you should dress for snowy weather. Thanks, mom. Well, that puffy winter coat that I loathed as a child is back, and I can’t wait to wear it!

Puffer coats have come and gone, but this season they are back and better than ever. The childhood staple was a feature on this year’s fall runway. However, designers took the typical waist-length coat and switched it out for a midi to a long formal length.

As the months get colder, you will be sure to spot me sporting this fall fashion trend.


Switching Up The Color Palette

When we think of fall, we often think of colors such as burnt orange, mustard, dark greens, and various shades of brown. This year, we are throwing traditions out the window for a brighter and more saturated palette!

On the runway, designers showed off creations in bright royals blue, blinding chartreuse, and every color under the sun. Some went for a more subtle touch by adding the bright color to the trim of a piece, while others dawned their models from head to toe in a colorful ensemble.

I prefer a more subdued look, but a clever way I may sneak this trend into my outfit is either through my purse or nails.

fall fashion

Midi Madness

All trends are popular, or else they wouldn’t be trends. But midi skirts are arguably the most popular 2021 fall fashion trend.

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This trend is a hit amongst fashion bloggers on Instagram and other corners of the internet. They are stylishly pairing the trend with a chunky knit sweater for a cozy vintage look and sleeker blouses for work and going out attire. Midi Skirts look stunning with Chelsea boots as well as heels.

I am happy to see so many trends this year for people who prefer a more casual look. The possibilities are endless with midi skirts!

fall fashion

No More Plain Jane

If saturated shades aren’t your thing, you will appreciate this next trend! Some designers are saying goodbye to solid colors and hello to intricate prints.

From dresses to blouses, clothing brands everywhere are embracing bold prints in a wide range of shades. I think choosing a bold print in muted shades may be a good option for those who want to make a statement but not let a garment overpower them.

I will definitely break out some floral print maxi dresses when fall arrives!


Rise and Shine Darling

For all of those who enjoy a night out on the town, this trend is perfect for you! Sequins are back and sparkling brighter.

Sequins blouses and dresses are a closet staple this season. The trend was iconic in the early 2000s; Paris Hilton had a small something to do with that. As they say, trends come back every 20 years.

Will you be adding this to your fall wardrobe? If so, how will you complete the outfit?


What Will You Wear This Fall?

There may be trends, but fashion is whatever you want it to be. I know you will be catching me in looks from seasons past that I absolutely adore with added touches of what is to come for the year.

Save the image below to Pinterest so you can come back later!

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