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Safety Tips for Women: How to Stay Safe on a Night Out

Safety Tips for Women: How to Stay Safe on a Night Out

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stay safe on a night out

Nightclubs are a fun way to spend time with your friends. Most of the time everything works out great with no problems whatsoever. But other times, you may run into a situation when you wish you’d been prepared. Before you slip on your best heels and head to the hottest club in town, you need to be aware of ways to stay safe on a night out.

Carry a Pair of Flat Shoes

Face it, ladies. Heels are sexy but impractical most of the time.

Although they look great, heels do nothing for our safety. They cause us to walk slower and to make matters worse, we can’t run in case of an emergency.

Thankfully, we don’t have to sacrifice safety for fashion. A pair of foldable flats can be a lifesaver.


Foldable flats can be worn from your walk to the venue and back to your vehicle at the end of the night. Not only will your feet get a break from all that dancing, but you’ll also be in a better position to fight off, or run away from an assailant.

Stick to the Basics

Carrying lots of valuables can make you a target. Your safest bet is to limit your items to the bare essentials. These can be your keys, ID, phone, and debit card.

We tend to let down our guard when alcohol is involved. Leaving your purse on a chair or table unattended while you dance or grab a drink from the bar can easily end in your belongings being stolen.

Mind Your Alcohol

stay safe on a night out

Drink spiking is more common than you think. According to a study conducted on 6000 college students, nearly 8% surveyed reported 539 incidents where they had been drugged during a night out. The data suggests women were four times more likely to be victims of spiked drinks.

If you’re at a club, watch the bartender pour your drink. If you sense your drink has been spiked, refuse it. When attending a house party, pour your own drink.

If someone wants to buy you a drink, insist that a server bring it to you directly. Never accept a drink in hand from a stranger.

It takes only seconds for someone to spike your drink. Never leave a drink unattended for any reason. If you decide to get up and dance or have to use the ladies’ room, take your drink with you. If you left a drink on the table, discard it and get a new one. Although this seems excessive, it could save your life.

Be mindful of your alcohol intake. It may be fun to get wasted with your girls, but it’s also dangerous. Your decision-making skills are affected once you’re inebriated. If it’s going to be a long night, space out your drinks and sip some water or soda in between.

Remember the Girl Code

One of the best ways to stay safe on a night out is to use the buddy system. Remember the girl code, “No woman left behind.”

Try to stay in pairs. Go to the bar and ladies’ room with at least one friend. Keep tabs on each other all night especially if a friend has too much to drink.

Trust your gut. Don’t be afraid to speak up and stop your friend from talking to a guy that looks suspicious. Insist on staying together as a group if she tries to leave with a stranger. Even if your friend is upset with you at the moment, stand your ground. She will appreciate it later.

Rideshare Safety

stay safe on a night out

Rideshare apps are a relatively safe method of transportation, however, it pays to stay vigilant when using them.

Request your ride from within the venue. Once your ride has arrived, go outside to meet the driver. If the driver is parked too far away or in a low-lit area, use the app’s texting feature to insist they pull up directly in front.

Ask the driver to confirm their name as well as the name of the passenger. Check the vehicle make and model, and license plate match the information provided on the app before you enter the vehicle. If everything matches but the driver’s name and photo, cancel the ride and request a new one. You can always take your concerns to the rideshare’s customer service the following day.

Most apps include the ability to share your ride’s location with a friend. Don’t forget to utilize this feature.

Take a Self-Defense Class

It’s common for club security to check the inside of your purse upon entry. Most venues forbid self-defense tools such as mace and pepper spray.

Your best alternative is to receive self-defense training. Organizations like the YMCA offer affordable self-defense classes for women. Round up your girlfriends and take a class together. The techniques you learn may save your life.

Wrapping Up

Going out with your friends is fun, but you need to consider safety too. Adopting the buddy system and being hyperaware of your surroundings is crucial to stay safe on a night out. Once you adopt these safety tips, they’ll become second nature to you on your nights out with the girls.

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