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Pisces Season Overview

Pisces Season Overview

pisces season

(February 19th – March 20th)
Traits: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, and wise

Element: Water

Planetary ruler: Neptune & Jupiter

Greatest Compatibility: Taurus and Virgo

Crystal: Amethyst and blue lace agate

Moving into the second month of the year, we say goodbye to the self-assured Aquarius energy and welcome in our next Zodiac season with the emotional and artistic Pisces. Kicking off on February 18th, the Pisces is the 12th member of the Zodiac and is focused on all things having to do with self-discovery and intuition. As a result, they love to delve into all the mysteries of life, dream big, and express themselves freely in all that they do. They also care deeply for the people around them and will always go out of their way to help someone out. However, with all the energy around them that they’re constantly absorbing, the Pisces sign can also struggle with their emotions from time to time, which can cause them to become moody and a bit unpredictable. As a result, this may have them resorting to escapism at times to keep their head clear. 

Therefore, as we enter their season, this Piscean energy is beaming around us and within us for all Zodiac signs and is likely to affect us in a number of different ways. So to give you a better idea of what you can expect to feel for the next several weeks, today, we’re going to talk all about the Pisces season. We’re going to cover Pisces’s personality traits, ruling element, planetary influence, and some of the key energies that the other Zodiac members can expect to feel while we linger in their sign this season. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and get started.  

Pisces Personality Overview 

Starting with their personality, the Pisces sign is most known for their creative and sympathetic nature. As the last member of the Zodiac, the Pisces has absorbed all the energies, knowledge, wisdom, hopes, and dreams of all of the other Zodiac members. As a result, they are wise beyond their years and have a deeper empathy for humankind as a whole. Selfless in nature, Pisces is always willing to go out of their ways to help others and often finds fulfillment in doing so. Outside of this, the Pisces, much like the other water signs of the Zodiac, is naturally intuitive and incredibly in touch with their emotions. They are naturals at expressing themselves through the arts and can also see beyond deception easily. 

However, as a result of such a high intuition and powerful emotions, the Pisces can sometimes get absorbed into their emotions, and it can be tough to pull themselves out of. For this reason, the Pisces sign is often at war with themselves, working to balance their empathetic nature, as well as set appropriate boundaries for themselves so that they don’t become overwhelmed all the time. However, more than anything, their biggest weakness can often be attributed to their mood swings. When things don’t go their way, they can fall into a moody, pessimistic attitude at the drop of a dime, which can make them become quite detached from their emotions and their values. However, the Pisces is also very strong-willed and is capable of swimming through even the most treacherous water when they are able to keep their head clear. For that reason, their emotional nature is not to be seen as a weakness, as it can also be their superpower in many circumstances. 

Planetary Influence

Aside from their general personality, when it comes to their planetary ruler, Pisces is the only Zodiac member that is co-ruled by two planets, and that is Jupiter and Neptune. This is because Jupiter is viewed as the traditional ruler of Pisces, while Neptune is seen as its ruler in modern astrology, which makes these planets co-rulers, depending on different beliefs. Regardless of which you follow, it’s easy to see which aspects of both of these planetary influences make up this empathetic water sign, as they are truly two sides of the same coin. 

With that said, starting first with Jupiter, known spiritually as the planet of expansion, generosity, and luck, Jupiter’s influence over Pisces is reflected a lot in their belief system. This is the planet that rules their thoughts, dreams, values, and faith in general. As a result, this allows the Pisces to remain open to new ideas and lessons, allowing them to try new things, learn new things from others, and pull wisdom from each new experience they have, good and bad. 

On the other hand, Neptune is known spiritually as the planet of intuition, compassion, dreams, and evolution. With this planet as a co-ruler of the Pisces, we can see that Neptune’s influence is what contributes to Pisces’s strong intuitive, dreamy, and empathetic nature. As a result, this is what ultimately ignites the side of the Pisces that is more otherwordly, enigmatic, and more reserved than the rest of their personality. Not to mention, this strong influence also contributes to their incomparable expression in both their creativity and their wisdom, as they have a truly unique way of channeling the deeper energies of the Universe around them and expressing it in a beautiful, eccentric way that is able to truly move people. 

Elemental Influence

Aside from their planetary rulers, the Pisces is also deeply influenced by their elemental sign, which is water. Known as the element of sensitivity and emotion, this elemental influence is greatly believed to contribute to Pisces’s natural compassionate, intuitive nature and the way they express themselves on the inside and outside. This, alongside their planetary influences, is what also allows them to care so deeply for those around them and connect deeper with all the energies of the world in general to channel further divine alignment and connection.

However, while the water element can certainly reflect a lot on their emotions and the way they handle people in general, this may also highlight their innate ability to transform and adjust to their environment, no matter the circumstance, much like water. When we look at water as an element in general, it is not only the driving force of all life on earth, but it is also powerful enough to cut through rocks. This is reflected a lot in the personality of Pisces with their powerful adaptability and their sensitive but strong nature that, with the right determination, is truly capable of moving mountains. 

Zodiac Symbol

pisces season

Next, on top of their ruling planets and elemental sign, each Zodiac sign also has a symbol that they are represented by that pays homage to their overall energy. For the Pisces, this symbol is represented by two fish swimming in an endless loop in opposite directions, which is believed to be a representation of the constant in-between state these signs live in. However, when looking at their unique personality, it could also have many different meanings for the Pisces, such as their ability to see all sides to a situation, their natural ability to feel pulled in different directions, or their ability to connect deeper with both the physical and spiritual world. 

No matter what meaning stands out to you the most, there’s no doubt that this symbol is a powerful representation of the many layers of the Pisces personality and how it makes them a truly unique sign full of depth unlike any other.

How does Pisces season affect other signs? 

And lastly, now that we’ve gone over some of the key traits and correspondences of those born under the Pisces sign, we also wanted to talk about how this water sign affects the rest of the Zodiac members while we linger in their sign. With that said, as the last member of the Zodiac wheel, Pisces naturally carries a deeper wisdom and divine connection than the other Zodiac members. They are the sum of patience, adaptability, and sensitivity.

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Therefore, as we enter their season, you can expect to feel a lot more connected with your emotions, which is likely to stir many deep and nostalgic feelings this season. As a result, this could have the signs reflecting on the past a lot over the next few weeks, reliving the good and the bad memories, and working to move forward and leave the bad behind them once and for all. As a result of old energies stirring, grounding practices and slowing down are likely to be key influences of the signs, as a lot of self-reflection and personal development may be underway.

However, although there is likely to be a lot of sentiment and emotion in the air during this time, it doesn’t mean it’s all bad, as the Pisces also finds a lot of wonderful feelings in their emotions as well. As a result, this could even shift the signs to focus more on the little things that fill their heart with joy, learning to appreciate the slow movement around them and all the things that are often taken for granted. With slow but intentional movement, this could have the signs also feeling quite dreamy over the next few weeks, thinking more on their passions and fantasies, channeling more creative energy towards all their dreams, and putting a deeper focus on their goals.

On the other hand, outside of emotions and divine connections, the Zodiac members may also find themselves wanting to not only nurture their own minds and emotions but also lend a helping hand to those around them. As a result, this could have the signs reaching out to loved ones a little more, building deeper connections, and being more of a listening ear to all the people around them. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking a slower approach to your daily life, learning to prioritize mental health and close relations this month, as well as the art of slowing down, as this is a natural way of the Pisces sign. 

Lastly, the signs may also find that their intuition feels a little stronger over the next few weeks, thanks to the powerful otherworldly connections that the Pisces hold. As a result, this is a great time to start learning to strengthen your intuition with meditative or spiritual practices and allow the powerful gut feelings you get help to guide you to where you need to be. As a result, this could stir some major feelings of enlightenment into your space, which could have you considering taking a new path in your life. 


Overall, the Pisces season is a beautiful time of self-reflection, self-discovery, and divine connection. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for the perfect time to delve deeper into your values, fantasize on all your dreams, and focus on balancing yourself more than ever, be sure to allow the energy of this gentle water sign to guide you to balance, peace, and fulfillment like no other. 

Happy Pisces Season!

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