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Aquarius Season Overview

Aquarius Season Overview

aquarius season

(January 20th – February 18th)

Key traits: Independent, friendly, community-oriented, focused, and creative

Element: Air

Planetary ruler: Uranus

Greatest Compatibility: Gemini, Aries, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius, and Virgo

Crystal: Lapis lazuli and amethyst

As we kick off a new calendar year, we say goodbye to the ambitious and goal-oriented Capricorn season, and welcome in the energetic and rebellious age of Aquarius, baby! Starting January 20th and lasting until February 18th, the Aquarius is the 11th Zodiac sign on the 12-sign wheel and is focused on all things knowledge. They are very deep individuals and love to ponder just about anything. Not to mention, they also care deeply for the people around them and will always go out of their way to help someone out. However, at the same time, the Aquarius can also be quite detached and stubborn and will often need to be given a lot of space in order to work through personal issues.

With that said, as we enter their season, this energy and more is beaming around us and within us for all Zodiac signs and is likely to continue growing stronger as we progress further into their season. For that reason, today, we’re going to talk all about the Aquarius season. In this article, we’re going to cover Aquarius’s personality traits, ruling element, planetary influence, and some of the key energies that the other Zodiac members can expect to feel while we linger in their sign this season. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and get started with all things Aquarius

Aquarius Personality Overview

Starting with their personality, the Aquarius sign is most known for their independent, eccentric, and unique nature. They are free thinkers that love to ponder all the unique enigmas of life and are not crowd followers by any means. In fact, they have no problem challenging the status quo of society and will often rise to speak their truth even if they stand alone. As a result, they are excellent at helping to bring forth new ideas to the people around them, often leaving people questioning authority with a much less conventional mind. With these strong leadership qualities as some of their key traits, those born under the Aquarius sign are also big community people. They tend to rise to high positions in the workplace and love to be a voice to the people around them. For this reason, they are constantly looking for new ways to connect with new people as well as help guide those most in need.

However, outside of their community-oriented brain, the Aquarius can also be quite shy and unpredictable at times, especially when it comes to their relationship with people. In fact, because of this and because of their extremely logical side that often rules them, they can sometimes be quite emotionally detached and can turn cold to the people around them, keeping their distance in friendships and relationships without even realizing it. This isn’t anything personal; it’s simply the fact that those born under the Aquarius sign are highly independent and tend to think a lot differently than the people around them, so they aren’t always so inclined to share emotional depths with everyone. In actuality, however, the Aquarius personality can be quite contradicting at times. They want to be unique, and they want to be accepted for who they are. However, they also want to be independent and don’t want validation for who they are from their peers. For this reason, they can sometimes be difficult to relate to and may require some patience before they are ready to open themselves to you fully and show you who they truly are.

And, to top it all off, the Aquarius sign also has a powerful mind that is not only good for solving problems for society but also for developing new ideas and dreams for the future that motivate them to keep going. Because of this, the Aquarius has a natural act for seeing beyond the small inconveniences in life to get a better look at the bigger picture. This, as a result, can help to inspire the people around them to live a little more carefree and help them to remember what’s truly important in this lifetime amidst money and material pleasures.

Planetary & Elemental Influence

Now, aside from their general personality, when it comes to their planetary ruler, the Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus. Known spiritually as the planet of innovation, technology, freedom, change, and rebellion, Uranus plays a huge role in the unconventional attitude that the Aquarius carries. Not to mention, the planet’s eccentric energy also helps to inspire Aquarius’s natural, free way of thinking, allowing them to keep their eyes fixed on all of the new possibilities that could come to fruition if we all embraced a little more rebellion.

However, aside from their planetary ruler, the Aquarius is also deeply influenced by their elemental sign, which is air. The air element is often linked with the energies of knowledge, intellect, communication, and logic. Due to its nature, this element is often linked with Zodiac signs that find themselves caught in their head a lot, as it invokes a strong sense of logic, fact, and the ability to ponder. As a result, air people tend to live in their heads, dream about future-oriented conceptions, and strike up deep conversations on just about anything, just as the nature of the Aquarius.

Zodiac Symbol

aquarius season

Up next, on top of their ruling planet and elemental sign, each Zodiac sign also has a symbol that they are represented by that pays respect to their overall energy. For the Aquarius, this symbol is known as the water-bearer. Symbolically, the water-bearing symbol is linked with many different meanings for the Aquarius. For example, since the Aquarius symbol is often depicted as two zig-zag lines that resemble lines of water, this is believed to represent the Aquarius’s ability to, just as water does, keep flowering and connect people with a single source, helping to pull people together in unity and keep them thriving.

However, many also believe that since the Aquarius’s sign is also often depicted as a person pouring water out, it could also represent the knowledge and wisdom that the Aquarius, as a logical sign, tends to share with those around them, especially when it comes to their community. Therefore, no matter which way you put it, it seems that the symbol of the water-bearer associated with the Aquarius is meant to symbolize all that the Aquarius does for the world around them. Whether it’s through wisdom, courage, or self-empowerment, the Aquarius is a natural at inspiring those around them and carries with them a strong voice that is powerful enough to truly move mountains.

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How does Aquarius season affect other signs?

And lastly, now that we’ve gone over some of the key traits and correspondences of those born under the Aquarius sign, we also wanted to talk about how this water-bearing air sign affects the rest of the Zodiac members while we linger in their sign. With that said, during their season, the Aquarius is likely to inspire the signs to become more independent in who they are and learn to express themselves more freely. As a result, you may grow tired of conventional things and may challenge yourself to venture into unknown territory like never before. Because of this, this could inspire the signs to be a little freer with their thoughts, allowing them to grow into the future with a whole new perspective. As a result of growing and expanding your mind and beliefs this season, you may also find that Aquarius may influence you to become more detached from certain areas of your life that are no longer serving you. This could be related to personal problems or issues you may be going through or could have you simply growing tired of mundane things such as gossip.

However, values and mentality aside, with Aquarius’s community-oriented mindset, during their season, you may also find yourself seeking new friendships as well as asking yourself how you can better get involved in your community. As a result, this could have the signs inspired to go out to more social gatherings, start a group, or get involved in social justice movements to better let their voice and the voice of the people be heard. Above all else, the Aquarius isn’t afraid to raise their voice when it comes to something they believe in, and this is likely to influence the other signs this season in a variety of areas of their life. For that reason, this is a great time to hone in on your personal power, put your foot down and not settle for anything less than you deserve, and the Aquarius’s confident energy is sure to back you up on that.

More than anything, through its many profound unorthodox layers, the Aquarius influence has a powerful way of redirecting our focus onto the things that truly matter. For once, this helps us all to look beyond the mundane stressors and material things that often cloud our vision and instead can help us to better connect with the things that set our hearts ablaze to live a more fulfilling life. However, it isn’t always an easy transition for all of the signs, as each sign has its own unique way of thinking and going about things, to begin with. Therefore, while Aquarius can inspire certain individuals to cut negative ties and move forward, it can also challenge other signs, leaving them feeling a little uncertain and lost. As a result, this may require some patience and introspectiveness to navigate. However, with time, it can prove to be a very enlightening period for all of the signs if they are willing to do the work.

On the other hand, however, Aquarius signs can also be quite stubborn and often don’t take it well when people challenge their opinions. As a result, they can become quite heated at the drop of a dime when this does arise, which can quickly escalate a calm situation. Therefore, during their season, the signs could also find themselves feeling a little agitated and impatient over the next few weeks and will be much more willing to delve into arguments than before. Patience will be key to navigating this, as keeping a cool temper will be your guiding light this season.


Overall, the Aquarius season is a beautiful time of owning your power, rising in your authenticity, and embracing that inner voice of yours once and for all. More than anything, the Aquarius season is all about trying new things; new ways of thinking, new hobbies, and new friendships. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for a fresh start, a change of perspective, or some new scenery, be sure to allow the energy of this strong-willed air sign to guide you to a more personally fulfilling life like no other. Truly, there’s no time quite like the age of Aquarius to make a change in your life, so don’t forget to seize the moment to make the most of it while it’s here.

Happy Aquarius Season!

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