How to Brighten Your Face: From No-No to Full-on Glow!

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Holiday aka partying season is over and while you might still have that cute guy’s phone number tucked into the pocket of your sequined blazer, you also have some news you don’t want to brag about…on your face.  Dull skin seems to occur overnight, doesn’t it?  What a nuisance! Good thing you can do something about it and there’s really not much to it! Try the following tips and everyone will be wondering what you’re made of (especially if they were out partying with you!).

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Cucumber Craze

Leave the cucumber in the fridge.  Or better yet…eat it! Donning cucumber slices on your eyelids is just a myth and it will only help in developing an appetite thanks to their fragrance! Put a spoon in the fridge and use it underneath your eyes to relieve morning puffiness.


It’s THE most important thing.  In wintertime, the cold air sucks the moisture right out of your face.  You must have noticed it.  Plus, dry skin looks older and duller.  If your favorite moisturizer can deal with it, keep it, if not, use a better moisturizer that hydrates better and for a longer time.  Sure, you can use illuminating creams, but some of those are too focused on the sparkle and forget all about the main event, so make sure you get something that does the job.


Actually, if you’d rather skip foundation, do it.  Use a BB or a CC cream instead.  These moisturize better than foundation and do a great job evening out skin tone and brightening it.  Do an online search to find out which ones are best.  On the cheap side, the ones from Maybelline are actually pretty damn good!

If you need to mask more “beauty” marks (acne, acne scars etc) than a BB cream can handle, use foundation and not just any kind: an illuminating, hydrating foundation especially designed for dull, tired skin.  Finding one with good coverage is a challenge, but with online research come the results!


This baby will treat you right.  The best ones may be tricky to find especially because dark circles vary so much in color and intensity.  Make a trip at your local makeup store with no concealer on ( I know, the horror!) and test them directly on your dark circles.  Not on your fingers or hand because you won’t be able to tell how well they would perform on your face! Don’t buy the cheapest one either, this is one item worth splurging on!

Finish off the brightening look with your regular powder.  And call the cute guy already, will ya?

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