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5 Details Your Home Reveals About Your Personality

5 Details Your Home Reveals About Your Personality

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It makes sense that your home would reflect your personality in one way or another. After all, no one has a home exactly like yours. The furniture placement, the color palette, and the level of cleanliness are all uniquely you.

However, it’s the subtle details that tell the most about you. Let’s look at five details your home reveals about your personality. You might be shocked by the traits your home is putting out in the open!

Introvert or Extrovert?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? The color of your front door screams the answer. According to color psychology, a red door means you’re honest and brash. Your intensity attracts people, but it can also drive them away! Those with blue doors are naturally relaxed in social situations and get along with others swimmingly. A green door means you like social interaction but can be timid, while brown or black doors are the marks of a reserved resident.

Your door’s material can also say a lot about you. For example, an iron front door says you’re bold with a keen sense of beauty.

How Detail-Oriented You Are

Does your sock drawer look like a tornado blew through it? Don’t be embarrassed because, according to a survey by dating site, owners of messy sock drawers are often orderly and detailed-oriented in other areas of their lives! Who would have guessed?

How Happy You Are

A study from the magazine Gardener’s World found that people with gardens—no matter how small—are more likely to be happy than those who don’t have gardens. This is likely associated with humans’ proclivity to biophilia—an innate love for life and nature. Being in nature can reduce anger, fear, and stress and improve mood.

Your Ambition

Is your home full of decorations? You have embroidered towels in the bathroom, scented candles on every tabletop, and a pristine collection of fine china arranged neatly in your curio cabinet. A nicely spruced up home likely has a very driven resident. Ambitious people are the most creative under pressure. Therefore, they feel pressured to make their home look its best for visitors and decorate it with fancy baubles!

Your Energy Levels

The state of your bed reveals how confident and lively you are. A survey by Sleepopolis revealed that people who make their bed are more adventurous and active, while people who don’t make their bed are more reclusive and down-to-earth. Interestingly, the study also found that bed makers were more likely to pursue careers in the health or technology fields, while messy bed-havers were more likely to have a career centered around financials.

Those are five details your home reveals about your personality. What does your home say about you?

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