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10 Colored Lash Extensions Bold Enough to Stop Traffic

10 Colored Lash Extensions Bold Enough to Stop Traffic

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Every woman, and even some men, desire flirty and flawless eyelashes. For some, lashes are more than a beauty feature – they’re a fashion accessory. Colored lash extensions are the latest trend in lashes for those who like a more dramatic look.

The quest for the perfect lashes usually starts with eyelash extensions. Like regular eyelash extensions, colored eyelash extensions come in an array of lengths and volumes. However, instead of the usual black or dark brown, colored lash extensions are designed in various hues, from primary colors and pastels to holograms.

Colored lashes are flashy and not for the faint of heart. Eyelashes this bold commands attention. Do you want to look like an edgy femme fatale? Fluffy-colored lashes can give you the style you desire.

Are eyelash extensions safe for your eyes?

Yes! Eyelash extensions and colored lashes are safe for the eyes as long as they are installed and removed properly.

Lash extensions should be installed with lash glue, not weave glue or any bond that contains formaldehyde. Never pull at your lash extensions as this can cause bald spots in your lash line.

We’ve compiled a collection of beautiful colored lash extensions by small businesses. Click on the shop now button under the corresponding products for more information and purchasing options.

1. Ruby Red Glitter Lashes

colored lash extensions

All eyes are on you with these red glitter eyelashes. These lashes would make a great accessory to your date night outfit.

2. Pink and Green UV Lashes

colored lash extensions

Make a statement at the club with these pink and green lashes that glow under ultraviolet light.

3. Ombre Blue Lashes


The fluffy mink lashes you’re looking for with the perfect pop of color.

4. Pink Colored Lashes

colored lash extensions

Calling all girly girls! What could be better than dramatic lashes? Dramatic lashes in pink, of course!

5. Pink and Duochrome Lashes


These colorful lashes would look flawless at a festival. With proper installation and wear, they can be reworn several times.

6. Red and Black Lashes

colored lash extensions

Faux mink lashes with a tinge of red. What’s not to love?

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7. Purple Lashes


If you’re looking for beautiful and bold purple lashes, you’ve come to the right place. No shrinking violets here!

8. Mermaid Hologram Lashes

colored lash extensions

Release your inner mermaid with these dramatic hologram lashes!

9. Two Toned Pink and Green Lashes


These faux mink colored lashes work well with your Y2K aesthetic outfits.

10. Rainbow Colored Lashes


Can’t decide on the lash color you want? Wear all the colors of the rainbow with these unique colored lash extensions!

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