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7 Different Ways To Wear Your Birthstone

7 Different Ways To Wear Your Birthstone

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Wearing your birthstone on a ring or a necklace are two popular choices, but there are other ways to wear birthstones, too. Keep reading to discover seven different ways to wear your birthstone and celebrate your birth month every day!

On a Ring

A ring is a common way to wear a birthstone, and there are many types of rings that you can choose from. You can get a ring with your birthstone as the center stone or a ring with a birthstone inlay. Some rings feature various stones alongside your birthstone to complement its colors and add to the jewelry’s beauty.

On a Necklace

A necklace is another popular way to wear a birthstone. As with rings, you can get a necklace with a single stone or with several stones. You can also look for a chain that matches your stone. For example, bolder colors look fantastic in gold chains, while cool colors match silver or platinum. There are plenty of gorgeous birthstone collections in the jewelry world, so take plenty of time to explore!

As a Brooch

A brooch is typically a three-dimensional pin you use to add a splash of character to your outfit. You can use a brooch to hold your scarf in place or simply adorn your lapel. Brooches come in many shapes and sizes, featuring things like animals and large gemstones. No matter what theme you choose, you can likely find a brooch that features your birthstone as well.

As Earrings

One subtle way to show off your birthstone is to wear it on stud earrings. These small stones might hide, but when the light hits them, they’ll dazzle those around you. Of course, if you prefer earrings with a bit more character, larger options are just as welcome!

On a Tie Clip

Ties have certainly made a place for themselves in women’s fashion. If you’re sporting this formal attire, it’s crucial to have a tie clip as well. While extremely subtle, tie clips sometimes feature engraving or even inlaying, just like rings. If you want to add a bit of personality to your classy look, a birthstone tie clip is a great option.

On a Key Chain

If you’re not one for jewelry but still want to keep your birthstone close by, consider finding a key chain that features it instead. Whether subtle or attention-grabbing, there are virtually infinite options when it comes to these accessories.

With a Bracelet

Bracelets are also gorgeous options for wearing your birthstone each time you go out. A dainty chain and single birthstone bead create a no-nonsense touch of sparkle to your outfit. Charms bracelets are trendy alternatives that set your birthstone among other charms that celebrate who you are!

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There are many different ways to wear your birthstone that go far beyond rings and necklaces. Feel free to explore new accessories as you feature your birthstone in your look! No matter your style, you can find a way to wear your birthstone.

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