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31 Best Spring Nail Designs for 2021

31 Best Spring Nail Designs for 2021

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From beautiful ombré to bling, the color of your nails can be the cherry on top of your perfect outfit. With the gloomy winter weather now behind us, it’s time to get serious about spring nail designs. If you love to change your nail designs frequently, why not try press-on nails? They’re simple enough to be applied in the comfort of home and switched out whenever the mood strikes. We’ve rounded up 31 press on nail designs for spring by talented independent nail artists.

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Pastel Nails

1. Abstract Swirl Nails

2. Pastel Stiletto Nails

3. Bubblegum Pink Marble Nails

4. Pastel Rainbow Coffin Nails

5. Lavender Ombre Nails

6. Pastel French Tips Matte Nails

7. Tie Dye Pastel Nails

8. Baby Blue Coffin Nails

9. Rainbow Pastel Sherbet Nails

10. Sage Green Pastel Nails

11. Pastel Ombre Nails

Floral Nails

12. Yellow Daisy Nails

13. Pink Floral Nails

14. Purple Floral Nails

15. Flower Press On Nails

16. Lavender Floral Nails

17. Floral Strawberry Kawaii Nails

18. Floral Milk Bath Nails

19. Floral Crystal Nails

20. Orange Floral Nails

21. Rose Nude Nails

Butterfly Nails

22. Pink Pastel Butterfly Nails

23. Purple Butterfly Nails

24. Butterfly and Diamond Nails

25. Blue Butterfly Ombre Nails

26. Glossy White Butterfly Nails

27. Butterfly Glitter Nails

28. Nude and Gold Butterfly Nails

29. Iridescent Butterfly Nails

30. Green Butterfly Nails

31. Crystal Butterfly Nails

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