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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Quick Makeup Routine

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Quick Makeup Routine

Can you name just one makeup product that makes enough of an impact to help you feel beautiful throughout the day?  Because that’s what you might end up doing to make up for the lack of time in the morning or during those days when you feel so lazy that glancing at the makeup bag makes you want to rush through the door sooner.  Only you’d need minimal makeup to feel confident, wouldn’t you?   Some swear by the power of mascara, others wouldn’t show themselves to the world without concealer, so what can a lazy girl do to get that quick makeup routine sorted out?

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Micellar Water

Before putting on makeup you have to clean your face, right?  This step can’t be avoided no matter how lazy you are.  What’s the fastest way to remove the impurities out of your face without rinsing?  Two words: micellar water.  And you can even skip moisturizing too! It may seem like the perfect recipe for breakouts, but it actually cleans your face better than many other makeup removal products, without smearing that waterproof mascara all over.

Tinted Primer

If you’re lucky enough to have great skin, you can skip it altogether, but if you don’t have a flawless complexion and you’re in a rush, go with a tinted primer.  It will even out your skin tone, cover small imperfections and give you that healthy glow.

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Makeup Products

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a certain product just because you have the impression everyone uses it as their go-to makeup product.  The power of mascara is a myth unless you have naturally light eyelashes.  And you might not need a bright lip unless yours tend to have a ghostly appearance and get lost in your complexion.  The key is to figure out what makeup product works best for you to accentuate a certain feature and give you an attractive appearance overall.  You might want to play with the makeup products in your beauty bag and use them one at a time, taking a selfie to compare the results.  What makeup item doesn’t take much time to apply, yet changes your appearance completely?  What’s the one makeup product that makes the biggest difference?  Figure it out and let it do its magic when you’re left with 5 minutes before you have to rush out the door.

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