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Wearable Makeup Styles You Haven’t Tried Before

Wearable Makeup Styles You Haven’t Tried Before

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How many times do you play safe when it comes to putting on your makeup? Afraid to experiment to avoid the risk of looking a touch theatrical? Well, have you thought about trying out makeup styles you haven’t used before that are actually wearable? Yes, trendy AND wearable. The following makeup styles are amongst the common looks we’ve seen on the runways during the fashion shows announcing this year’s prognosis in beauty looks to try.

Dramatic lashes

We love a good mascara that actually creates the effect of falsies we see so often in commercials. Hunt down the perfect mascara for you and create a look based mostly on mascara. Ok, a lot of mascara on all your lashes, especially the bottom ones for a dolled-up appearance.


Don’t tuck away the glitter you used on New Year’s party. Not your typical spring look? So what? This time, beauty aficionados agreed that glitter is a must. And we’re not talking a bit of shimmer. It’s exaggerated glitter on the entire lid area, so keep that in mind next time you go out.

Tropical makeup

makeup styles

Now, this has Spring written all over it. It’s as fun as painting a work of art. Play with tropical hues on the lids and put your blush higher up your cheekbones. It may be more colorful than you’re used to, and it is surely more fun to try than your usual makeup routine.

Glam punk lids

Feeling too badass to rely solely on glitter for your night time beauty regimen? Use dabs of gold glitter accentuated by firm strokes of black eyeliner. The contrast is too cool to say no to.

Bold eyeliner

We’ve seen many models sporting the floating eyeliner technique that actually seems easier to do than the ubiquitous cat eye. It’s graphic and modern, and easy to do by drawing precise arches right above the crease of the eyelid.

Another look you can try is using colored eyeliner and draw an asymmetrical, ying-yang like contour on the top outer and bottom inner lash lines.

Pink lids

Have you ever dressed your lids in pink eye shadow? Now is the time to try it and the best thing about it is that you don’t even need to purchase a new eye makeup palette. Take a lipstick or a lip liner and contour your lids with it, then wipe it off leaving just a subtle stain behind.

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Faux freckles

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We’ve seen updated versions of adult pig tails in so many shows. Why not add another element to this look in the form of faux freckles drew with a brow pencil or natural eyeliner? C’mon, we know you’ve always been jealous on your freckled friends! Shh…

Deep stained lips

As fashionable as the barely there makeup which we know you’re not exactly a fan of are the deep red lips. Beauty experts no longer want to associate lip colors with changing seasons, therefore, this spring, you can rejoice flaunting those vampy lips you were afraid to try before.

Mod pink

Cool, illuminous makeup is in this spring as the metallic alternative to the hip bronze look. Use a striking mod pink lipstick in a matte, icy finished coupled with illuminated contouring and shimmery eyes.

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