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Easy Ways to Get Salon-Quality Nails at Home

Easy Ways to Get Salon-Quality Nails at Home

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Treating yourself to a manicure is a great way to get some much-needed TLC. You leave the nail salon with polished nails and soft hands. However, there are times you can’t make it to the salon, or you want to save money without sacrificing a good manicure. Fortunately, we have a list of easy ways to get salon-quality nails at home that you can check out now!

Prep Your Nails

The secret to salon-quality nails is a good base. Think of your nails as a brand-new canvas, and you have to prepare them to receive a manicure. You should use an acetone-based polish remover to get rid of old nail polish and use a nail file to shape and buff your nails. Once you shape your nails to the desired length, it’s time to wash your hands. This will remove excess nail shavings and provide a clean base for your nail polish.

Don’t Pile On the Polish

Resist the urge to layer nail polish. Similar to adding paint to a wall, it can become thick and goopy when you add too much. Your nails are no exception, and you only need three thin layers of nail polish for a sleek look. If you’re worried about chipping or fading color, use a top coat polish to preserve your manicure.

Decorate With Nail Art

One of the best things about manicures is nail art! You can decorate your nails with cool designs and stylish gems to elevate your polish. When you’re in the salon, nail technicians have different tools to create trendy designs. However, you can get similar looks with tools you have at home. For example, using bobby pins to make polka dots are among the nail art tips and tricks to know about. Your manicure will look salon-quality in no time.

Seal Everything With a Top Coat

To finish off your manicure, you should seal everything with a top coat polish. This will seal your color, add a glossy finish to your nails, and prevent them from chipping. You can reapply your top coat polish every three days to make your manicure look fresh. In addition, you can hydrate your hands throughout the day to make your cuticles stay fresh and healthy.

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Manicures are a fantastic way to get polished nails and soft hands. However, you can save money without sacrificing great nails. Hopefully, our list of easy ways to get salon-quality nails at home was helpful to you.

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