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Colored Mascara Tips and Tricks

Colored Mascara Tips and Tricks

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When was the last time you bought colored mascara? This is a hit-or-miss kind of look and it keeps going on and off the runways as the years pass by. This season, bold eyelashes are huge and instead of wearing strategically clumped mascara or some other un-wearable trend, how about you try the colorful mascara?  It can look great if worn the right way and can surely make a statement far easier than intricate eyeshadow layering.

Compliment Your Natural Eye Color

Here’s the thing: if you have a less than uniform eye color or you simply don’t want to bother with figuring out the right color of mascara for you, go with blue. Blue mascara is universally flattering. Whatever you pick, stay away from bright green mascara. It will make your lashes appear shorter and who would want that?

If You Have Grey Eyes…

Grey eyes are often overlooked. We keep reading makeup advice for blue eyes, but rarely grey. It’s time to make those steel tones pop and the way to do it is by using navy mascara or cobalt blue.

colored mascara

Blue Eyes

It’s pretty obvious: matching your eye color with your mascara is not the way to do it. Have fun with it and choose turquoise or pink mascara if you can actually find the latter.

colored mascara

Green Eyes

Violet looks amazing on the lashes of green-eyed women. You can wear a bright violet in multiple coats or a subtle shade if you’re on the shy side.

colored mascara

Brown Eyes

Best way to emphasize the rich warmth of brown eyes? Create contrast using plum mascara.

colored mascara

Hazel Eyes

Dark green mascara and shimmering gold formulas will give hazel eyes extra oomph.

Go Easy on the Rest of Your Makeup

Forget bright eyeshadows, heavy eyeliner, too much blush or statement lips. Keep the focus on the lashes.

Make It Subtle

Colored mascara makes you go “uh-uh”? Wear it in a subtle way by topping your eyelashes after you’ve already coated them in black mascara or apply it only on the tips of your lashes. Putting colored mascara only on your bottom lashes is also a great idea for a more subtle look.

Lash Primer

Colored mascara makes you glance at your wallet. Good. Then use a lash primer to give it a boost!


Looking for an opportunity to rock colorful mascara? This is a great makeup option paired with tinted sunscreen and lip balm. You won’t need anything else.

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