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Reasons to Avoid Box Color When You Dye Your Hair

Reasons to Avoid Box Color When You Dye Your Hair

Reasons To Avoid Box Colo When You Dye Your Hair

Sometimes the sudden urge to dye your hair kicks in at the most inopportune time. As a result, you run to the store to buy the color you want and head back home to begin “operation hair dye.” By now, we’ve all heard plenty of reasons to avoid box color when you dye your hair, but let’s look at some practical explanations.

Unpredictable Results

The picture on the box, with the perfectly even color application and highly desirable results, is typically not how things will pan out. Depending on your current hair color and whether any other color treatments are lingering in your hair’s cellular levels, the results of a box treatment are unpredictable. The saying “results may vary” takes the cake on this one.

Harmful Ingredients

For these box sets to work for most people, they carry the maximum load of pigments and ammonia, which can result in allergic reactions and eventually damage your hair. Ammonia-free box treatments are available on the market, but the most suitable ammonia-free solution is going to the salon.

Increased Risk of Damaged Hair

We know an excessive amount of harmful ingredients plays a significant role in damaging hair. But something else that contributes is the chemical process of lightening the hair. Without a bleaching agent, you cannot achieve most lighter colors or trendy pastels. Working with a professional salon for any hair color trends is encouraged to minimize your risk of processing damage and increase your chances of achieving the look you want.

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More Costly in the End

Upfront, a box dye costs roughly $10, and it’s affordable for those quick color jobs that come up in a hurry. But overall, this could end up costing more if you need a correcting treatment. Taking matters into your own hands is tempting, but hopefully, some of these reasons to avoid box color when you dye your hair will send you to the professionals instead. And before you make any rash decisions, phone a friend—or the salon!

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