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How To Get Your Dog Ready for Its First Day of Daycare

How To Get Your Dog Ready for Its First Day of Daycare

Preparing your pup for daycare isn’t as simple as filling out the application and dropping it off. There are a few things you’ll need to do to make sure it’s ready. Here’s how to get your dog ready for its first day of daycare.

Make Sure It’s Socialized Properly

Before you fill out the application for doggy daycare, you need to make sure your pup can socialize with other dogs and people. It needs exposure to unfamiliar humans and dogs. Take your dog to the dog park and invite other dogs and owners over for playdates to ensure your pup is ready for its first day.

Your Dog Is Up to Date on Shots

Check with your vet to ensure your dog has all the core vaccines and a kennel cough vaccine. The vaccines won’t guarantee your fur baby won’t get sick, but they can help stop the spread of the more dangerous contagions. Most doggy daycares will require proof of vaccination when submitting the enrollment application.

Take a Potty Break Before Drop Off

Take time to give your pup a chance to go potty before heading into the facility. This break will help your dog in two ways:

  • Reduce the risk of accidents and make things easier on the staff
  • Relax your dog during introductions

Don’t Forget Its Dog Food

Make sure you grab pre-proportioned meals for your dog before heading out the door to drop it off. Some doggy daycares provide food for an additional fee, but it’s best to deliver your pup with the food it usually eats.

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Get There Early

Do your best to arrive early on your pup’s first day at daycare. The best time would be before most of the other dogs arrive to avoid the swarm of excited dogs who are anxious to introduce themselves. That situation would be ideal, but it’s not always doable, so do your best to be early and stay until your dog feels comfortable. The first few days of daycare can be intimidating for your pup. Follow the above tips to get your dog ready for its first day of daycare, and your pup will be a daycare pro in no time. After all, happy dogs make for happy lives.

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